Digital Marquette is a network of faculty and staff interested in all things digital. Organized in fall 2011 by Jenn Fishman, and Beth Godbee (English), Carole Burns (Wakerly) and Linda Menck (Communications), Digital Marquette responds to the growing need for intentional use, complex consideration, and planned development of digital technologies and new media in our professional lives– across the areas of teaching, research and service. As a collective, Digital Marquette hosts events and discussions throughout the academic year. As a clearninghouse, we host a listserv, website, and blog, which showcase digital work being done on campus and beyond. As an advocacy organization, we seek to extend digital resources here at Marquette, foster collaboration across disciplines, and highlight not only what is currently happening, but what is possible through digital innovation for meeting Marquette’s social justice mission. In total, we both highlight what’s currently happening and look long-term to what’s possible toward greater digital innovation.

2013-2014 Digital Marquette Leadership Team

2011-2013 Digital Marquette Leadership Team

  • Dr. Beth Godbee, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Dr. Jenn Fishman, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Linda Menck, Professional in Residence, Strategic Communication, Diederich College of Communication
  • Carole Burns,  Director of Wakerly Technology Training Center


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