MarqUWriMo: Fostering a culture of writing on campus

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 5.22.48 PM

Marquette’s Ott Memorial Writing Center

As Marquette embarks on its first-ever MarqUWriMo (or MUWriMo, depending on who you ask), we join the forces of NaNoWriMo and AcWriMo in recognizing November as a time of intensive writing.

In November, writers join together, often virtually, to set and meet ambitious (or beyond-ambitious–great, surprising, terrifying) writing goals. And this shared writing endeavor is facilitated by shared spreadsheets, twitter hashtags, and even virtual writing mobs.

Photo credit: mpclemens

Photo credit: mpclemens

All of this gets us wondering:

  • How might a culture of writing at Marquette be facilitated by all things digital?
  • In turn, how might Digital Marquette join the Ott Memorial Writing Center in fostering a culture of writing on campus?

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