Marquette’s first MOOC

The university will launch its first Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, Introduction to Applied Investing, within the College of Business Administration. The introductory course in investing will be taught by Dr. David Krause, director of the Applied Investment Management program, and will be delivered through the open source learning management system, Canvas, from Instructure. Other institutions with offerings on the Canvas Network include Brown University, Michigan State University, University of South Florida and Santa Clara University.

According to Krause, Marquette is believed to be among the first institutions to offer a MOOC on the topic of applied investing. The Marquette course will cover major investment vehicles, including common stock, bonds, real estate and alternative investments, as well as discuss the various methods of investing. Students will also develop insights into the financial markets and learn how to establish a long-term investment strategy, according to Krause.

Enrollment in the pilot course is now open and will be initially limited to 1,000 students. The course begins Monday, Sept. 23. It is self-paced but designed to be completed in four weeks.


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